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Ÿ   “SHODO” is the traditional Japanese cultural art of writing letters beautifully with brush, ink and spirit. “SHO” means “writing”. “DO” means “the way” which describes the path to master the art.

Ÿ   You can enjoy learning Japanese cultural art from the basic in a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

Ÿ   The class room is Japanese style with desks and chairs.

Ÿ   All the necessary tools are provided so you are not required to carry anything to the class.

Ÿ   The teacher Hana is passionate about teaching “SHODO” and introducing the beauty of it to the world.

Ÿ   The classroom is a 3-minute walk from Toritsu Daigaku station which is only 10mins away from Shibuya station by Tokyu Toyoko line. 



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Classes & Fees  


1. Regular class : 

       Sunday 14:00-18:00, JPY 3,000/ticket (min purchase 5 tickets)


2. 2-hrs experience class : 

       Saturday 14:00-16:00 or 16:30-18:30, JPY 3,500-4,000/person  


3. Private class : 

       Upon your request


4. Seasonal event :  

       Please check the website 


1.Regular class

       In this class, you can learn Kaisho (Printed style) in Hiragana and Kanji (Chinese character) starting from 1 character to 6 characters on a sheet according to your level.

You can learn not only the basic but the various techniques of SHODO and a lot of Japanese Characters as well.

Classes are held 3 times in a month on the first, second and third Sunday.

You may come anytime during the class opening hour 14:00-18:00 and practice as long as you can.

The class is for 4th grade of elementary school students and older.   

You are requested to take 1-hour trial lesson with JPY2,000.

JPY 2,000 will be deducted from the enrollment fee if you sign up for the class within 1 month after the trial lesson.


Ø  Schedule            : Sunday 14:00-18:00 (1st, 2nd and 3rd week of the month)  

Ø  Trial lesson fee  : JPY 2,000

Ø  Enrollment fee   : JPY 5,000

Ø  Ticket                 : 1 ticket/1 lesson

Ø  Ticket fee           : JPY3,000 with minimum 5 lessons

                                : JPY 15,000 / 5 tickets

                                : JPY 28,000 / 10 tickets  


2.   2-hours experience class 

This special class will make your stay and experience in Japan even richer and more Japanesey.

You can experience traditional Japanese culture “SHODO”.

You can learn about the basic of “SHODO” such as history, tools and Japanese characters and how to write your name or a word you like.

In addition to the above, you will experience the moment that focusing on each letter will clear your mind and calm yourself down.


Ø  Schedule               : Saturday 14:00-16:00 or 16:30-18:30

Ø  Fixed number       : Max 6 persons

Ø  Fee                        : JPY 4,000/person for a group with 2-4 persons

: JPY 3,500/person for a group with 5-6 persons

Ø  Class includes       : SHODO lesson

: Japanese sweets and green tea

: Seal stamp of your name as a gift

: Kari-maki hanging scroll for you to make your own art work


3.   Private class 

We will create the class according to your request.

Please let us know what you wish for and we’d propose our best offer to meet your requirement.

Here are some examples of classes we can offer you.


Ø  Private class at our class room  : JPY 10,000/person for 2 hours class.

Ø  Private off-site class                  : JPY 15,000/person for 2 hours class.
                                                   Transportation fee will be charged separately.

                   Venue fee (if any) will be charged separately.  


4.   Seasonal event

You can create a seasonal work such as "Uchiwa (Fan)" for summer or "Eto (Japanese zodiac) writing" for a new year. 

Please check the web site for new events.


Ø Sumi nagashi (marbling) uchiwa : JPY 3,500/person for 2 hours class.

Ø Eto writing                                   : JPY 3,500/person for 2 hours class.

Teacher : Hana (Suika Omori)


Ÿ   Started "SHODO" at the age of 6.

Ÿ   Have been mentored by Yusui Sugiyama at  Wasuijuku since 2011. 

Ÿ   “ It would be wonderful if many people have chances to experience “SHODO” and see the beauty of it. Furthermore, it would be even more wonderful if you could know about “Japan” through that experience. Hope to see you in the class !!”  




Ÿ   Regular classes are held 3times in a month on the first, second and third Sunday.

Ÿ   The schedule would be changed on the months with three-day weekend or holiday season. 

Ÿ   Please refer to the calendar below.





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